The Benefits of Building Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are routinely added to landscaping as a means to landlock sections of dirt and show off certain plants and flowers. Keep reading to find out how adding a retaining wall can beautify your yard and prevent damage. 

Upkeep (or lack thereof)

Retaining walls differ from your patio and driveway in that they don’t need many repairs or upkeep. Since a retaining wall won’t be walked or driven on, the chances of it being damaged are very low. The only thing you have to worry about is your retaining wall getting damaged by natural elements, but even then it is very unlikely that anything will seriously damage it. 

Added Creativity

Retaining walls are very versatile in their ability to add something to your landscaping. Maybe you need more privacy around your patio or pool, a retaining wall will do the trick. Perhaps you want something sturdy to line your driveway or part of your property, having a beautifully inlaid stone retaining wall installed is the way to go. Even if you just want to show off some robust flowers a retaining wall is the best way to do so. The best part about a retaining wall? If it is installed with care and quality it will add value to your entire property. 

Water Management

Retaining walls are very sturdy and can also cover quite a bit of your yard’s surface area. They can act as a levy against flooding and also prevent erosion from destroying your landscaping. This is especially true if your home is located near a major water source or if your home is built on a hill. The retaining wall will stunt the amount of water surging through the yard as it displaces it outward towards its edges, meaning that the rush of water will be slowed significantly. A retaining wall also keeps dirt from getting displaced by acting as a barrier. 


As you can see, a retaining wall is useful in many situations, even if you don’t plan on using it to display any additional flowers or shrubs. If your home experiences a significant amount of rain or flooding you should heavily consider implementing a retaining wall as a flood levy or as erosion prevention. If you have a pool or patio that you frequently use, a retaining wall can keep the prying eyes of your neighbors off of you and your family and guests. You will also save lots of money over time with a retaining wall due to its heavy resistance to damage. 

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