Asphalt Technology Changes The Way We Pave

All of society’s technology is changing at a rapid pace, and the paving industry is no exception in 2022. New innovations are occurring every year, and your business can only leverage these innovations with proper knowledge of what has changed. Keep reading to find out more about asphalt technology innovations.


For many new asphalt installations, the first step is removing old asphalt. In past decades a tractor or truck with 14-inch diamond-bladed saws was used to cut the old pavement into pieces so that it could be bulldozed away. This was costly and time-consuming, not to mention loud. Nowadays paving companies use hydraulic technology to cut small, 2-inch trenches in old asphalt. This is faster, cheaper, and quieter than the old method. Projects can be completed much faster and for a smaller sum when hydraulic tech is used to remove old asphalt.

Grade and Slope

Graders and compactors did not have automatic settings to account for the grade and slope of a surface. The operator would have to eyeball these things, which lead to improper drainage of water after the installation was complete. Now, motor graders have onboard computers that follow a pre-calculated grade and slope grid that keeps the blade of the grader in the exact position to allow for proper drainage. These computers eliminate much of the chance for human error during the grading process. It also decreases the chance that you will have to have your asphalt fixed later because the water wasn’t draining properly, saving your company money and time in the process.


The traditional method for fixing undercutting issues was to drill a hole 2 to 3 feet into the base of an asphalt fixture and fill the area with stones and aggregate material. This took lots of time and money to complete, but luckily there are new methods to remedy undercutting problems. Geo-grids allow paving companies to drill just 18 inches into the surface of the asphalt. The geo-grid is essentially a bridge that supports the sub-base of the asphalt fixture and removes the need for using aggregate which is relatively expensive. Geo-grids also speed up the process of fixing undercutting problems.

Preventative Maintenance

In the past, lots of companies simply installed their asphalt and called it a day. They did not return later to check on the condition of the asphalt or fix any cracks that had developed since installation. Now, many companies provide a follow-up schedule where they will come back and look over the asphalt they previously installed. They will fill cracks, put on a fresh wave of seal coat, and provide any other general maintenance. However, it is important that you, as a business owner, tell them which services you would like to be conducted during the follow-up visit so the maintenance technicians from the paving company bring all of the proper tools and equipment with them when they come.

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