Asphalt Damage 101

Commercial asphalt surfaces are exposed to a great deal of elements. From harsh weather to foot and vehicle traffic, there is no shortage of stress put on a pavement surface each year. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to extend the life of your paved asphalt surface as much as possible by performing regular maintenance when you notice issues in the pavement. When an asphalt parking lot or road is well-maintained, it can last anywhere from 15-20+ years. When an asphalt surface is not properly maintained, you should expect for the surface to start deteriorating in just a few years. We’ve compiled a list of common asphalt damages to look for, so you can identify and treat the area as soon as possible.


Asphalt Damage 101


The Different Kinds of Asphalt Damage

If you are regularly inspecting your property’s asphalt surfaces, you may start to notice areas of concern that may require repair. Below is a list of common issues that can arise on asphalt pavement surfaces:


  • Cracking: Probably the most common issue with asphalt pavement is cracking. There are many different kinds of asphalt surface cracks that you may discover. Alligator cracks look like many small cracks in a small area, which could be caused from drainage issues. Edge cracks can be seen around the perimeter of the asphalt surface, which could be caused from heavy vehicle traffic. 
  • Potholes: Another very common issue with asphalt pavement is the creation of potholes. This occurs when pavement damage is neglected. Water can seep into the crack and then expand and contract, causing extensive damage. Potholes are very dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians. Most potholes can be patched or filled, depending on the extent of damage. If you are seeing large potholes, or several in one area, it may be best to cut out the potholes and repave an entire section.
  • Fading: When your asphalt surface is first installed, it will have a deep black color. However, over time the surface is exposed to the sun or harsh weather conditions, which can cause the asphalt surface to fade. You’ll notice that the more the pavement fades, the more vulnerable the surface is to new cracks or potholes. Luckily, there are solutions to maintaining the asphalt surface to prevent fading, like sealcoating every few years. 
  • Depressions: If you notice after a storm that all the rain water pools into a certain area of the pavement, then you have a grade depression on your hands. This happens when the pavement is not installed properly and some sections of the surface are lower than others. 
  • Swelling: When the soil below the paved surface shrinks and expands, it can cause the pavement to swell. This all depends on the soil under the pavement and how vulnerable it is to weather conditions. The constant expanding and shrinking process will leave your pavement more susceptible to cracks and damage. 


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