Crack Sealing – Best Practices For Maintaining HOA Pavement

Key Takeaways:

  • HOA pavement maintenance is essential to the overall aesthetic & reputation of the community. It exudes a sense of security & well-being for residents & visitors. Cracked pavement can be quite a turn-off.
  • Winters are a tricky time for asphalt paving, seal coating, and overlays. However, crack sealing can be completed at temperatures of 40 degrees and rising.
  • Traditional crack sealing involves thoroughly cleaning the cracks, marking any utility connections, routing the cracks, then filling them with a sealer.
  • The right paving contractor will be familiar with crack-sealing best practices, which is why, as a board member or Property Manager, you should be an active player in finding a capable contractor.
  • Brothers Paving & Concrete are experts in all things related to asphalt & concrete. Get in touch today for a free quote & get your HOA looking great again!


Homeowner associations in Manassas Park, VA, are the place to be if you desire to be a part of a well-bonded community with rich seasons – and flawless blacktops! And it’s even better if you happen to be an HOA board member or Property Manager because we might have the solution to that cracked pavement problem that you have been worried about since the fall.

We get so caught up in life that budgeted commitments & maintenance schedules can fly out the window. And before you know it, it’s not the elephant in the room so much as the possibility of one trampling over the main road – leaving cracks in its wake.

The Crack-Sealing Misconception

Winter is a no-pave season for asphalt-based materials because they are temperature sensitive & any lapse in curing or compaction can lead to pavement failure down the road. That does not mean there is no room for repairs if your pavement suffers a few cracks or is breaking off at the edges – there is always a solution!

So, if you think you can’t schedule a solution to that cracked problem – you are mistaken. There is always crack sealing to look forward to when it comes to HOA pavement maintenance in weather below 40 degrees. If you want a positive word to get around about the quality of your HOA’s roads, you need Brothers Paving & Concrete on your payroll!

HOA Pavement Maintenance – Crack Seal Best Practices

Unlike asphalt patching, hot emulsions, seal coating, or overlays, crack sealing can be performed at temperatures of 40 degrees and rising with relative ease.

Many states carry out their crack sealing in the winter because the cracks are already opened to their max widths. That means they can be easier to prepare for sealing and will last the flexible pavement a good number of years.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if your HOA is teaming up with a professional contractor for HOA pavement maintenance.

  • Suppose you need to work on your HOA pavement maintenance budget. In that case, you can always set up a maintenance plan with a trusted contractor near you. Just make sure to carry out a coordinated effort to ensure the best for your HOA’s aesthetics.

Hire A Professional Contractor to Give Your HOA Pavement a Makeover!

A pavement’s pristine blacktop is everything to the curb appeal of an HOA. And it would be sad to let it go to cracks & other forms of pavement failure in winter. It is best to get in touch with a capable paving & crack sealing contractor to fix the issues as they occur so that the maintenance budget stays well within limits & adds to further enrichment of the community.

Brothers Paving & Concrete is active in Manassas Park, VA. We are renowned for installing exceptional pavement, as well as managing their repair & maintenance plans.

Get in touch with us today for reasonable & free crack seal quotes, and welcome visitors & residents with a beautiful stretch of pavement!

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